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I'm Claudia

6-figure business coach & online educator for ambitious online service providers looking to maximise their impact, profit and freedom

Build a business of fun, freedom & fulfilment

Hi, I'm Claudia 🥰

3 years ago I QUIT my 9-5 job and booked a one way flight to the other side of the world. I became a full time backpacker and every month my savings dwindled but for a while I didn't care because I was having the time of my life!

But after a while, reality came crashing down and I realised I either had to go home and get a job OR try and make a living somehow so I could keep travelling & keep living my dream life. Going back to the corporate world filled me with anxiety so I decided I would do everything I could to start generating a full time income online!

Fast forward 3 years and I've been able to scale a £300K online business, hire my partner FULL-TIME, grow a team and start helping other ambitious women to create wealth & impact online.

Now I help ambitious women like yourself who are ready to build successful businesses online whilst using organic and authentic marketing and sales methods. 

My marketing & business strategies have not only been effective for me, but for dozens of female online service-based entrepreneurs I have helped along the way. I recognise there is no “one-size-fits-all” method and strive to create plans of action that are tailored to YOU. My main goal is to work WITH you and not just for you, making sure you feel empowered every step of the way.

I am here to guide you as you find your POWER and show up like an AUTHORITY, attract DREAM clients with ease and hit all of your business goals!

It’s time to sell out your offers and services and take your business to that next level!

How I can help you...

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A marketing strategy that feels effortless and actually WORKS


People sliding into your DMs, ready to invest in your products or services


People sliding into your DMs, ready to invest in your products or services


A business that is booked out every month


People sliding into your DMs, ready to invest in your products or services


The freedom and success you've always craved


Here it from others...

I had never launched anything before so Claudia's guidance throughout the launch phases was amazing! I never realised how much went into launching and it really opened my eyes to how important a strong launch strategy is. During my 7 day launch, I generated €31,000 which was beyond my wildest dreams!



Before working with Claudia I was making £1-3K months and working hours and hours a day. However with Claudia's help, I am now making consistent 5K months while working fewer hours, have had a £10K sales month and even a £12K month! Which is just incredible. I also now have passive income in place which claudia helped me launch which also brings in regular income





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