Corporate dropout, to backpacker, to multi-6-figure CEO & full-time traveller

Hi, I’m Claudia, multiple 6-figure entrepreneur, marketing & business strategist, online educator, full time traveller, total foodie, and on a mission to help YOU ditch the rat-race and live life on your own terms and share your gifts with the world.


Like you, I CRAVED freedom.

Freedom from the rat-race, freedom from being tied down to one place, and creative freedom so that I could actually enjoy my work and impact others at the same time - I really needed some fulfilment in my life. 

From the very start I KNEW that I had a knack for social media & leveraging it to attract the right people & build enough trust for them to hire me. I got fully booked with SMM clients within just 4 months and I had other service providers reaching out everyday to help them have the same success, who were struggling to attract clients and get their business off the ground and fill out their offers. 

Most people who grow online businesses are focusing on getting through each and every day, trying to make ends meet. Not me, I knew from the very start that I was ALL IN and I was always looking for ways to infuse freedom & sustainability into my business whilst leveraging social media as a powerful marketing tool to grow & scale.

And that’s exactly how I was able to generate over $400k in just 3 years both from offering services as an SMM and then supporting other business owners with coaching & marketing education. 

To support women in building a Freedom filled, impactful & profitable online business that they can truly fall in love with.

Our mission

Clodagh McIlhatton


Clodagh has built two successful online businesses, firstly as a Virtual Assistant and then as coach. She has worked with Multiple OSP's in 1:1 and group coaching programs helping her clients start and grow their own businesses, whilst travelling full time.

Founder & CEO 

Founder, head coach & marketing expert - Claudia has experience growing 2 successful online businesses & has helped countless women grow 6-figure businesses whilst traveling the world. 

Claudia Woodham


Meet The                Team

Danny Mather

CTO & Client Support

Danny is the resident tech expert & client support manager, on hand for anything tech, automation and systems related with over 10 years experience in IT & Tech. 

Nadja Amelie

Mindset Coach

Nadja is a certified Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist who helps business owners release their blocks, show up with confidence and shift their money mindset to massively grow their income

I’ve supported over 450+ online service providers & coaches with my courses, digital products and mentoring & I’ve helped countless business owners quit their jobs, take their online business full time and scale to multiple 5-figure months with their social media marketing. 

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Since then...

Scaled a multiple 6-figure business whilst living in 8 different countries within just 2 years

The Journey...

After getting a promotion in my corporate job and my pay only going up by £1k per year (no joke) AND my annual leave request getting denied, I knew that there had to be more to life than slaving away in an office and trying to work my way up the career ladder.

Something inside me told me to quit & book a one way flight to the other side of the world, so that’s exactly what I did. I backpacked for 2 years and had the time of my life, but there was a niggling feeling in the pit of my stomach that one day I would run out of money and have to go home - back to the life I was so desperate to get away from.

I decided that I’d do anything not to have to go home, and be able to continue my freedom lifestyle adventure, so after tons of research I took a chance and started my very first business, offering Virtual Assistant & Social Media Management services.

I leveraged the knowledge from my Marketing degree to grow quickly on IG & I booked out my services within just 4 months of starting by using social media to attract clients. By month 6 I had grown to an agency with a team of 3 supporting me. Other service-providers around me were reaching out to me, asking how to use social media to see the same success so I introduced services to support them in growing their own businesses. 

4 years experience supporting business owners to grow & scale on social media

BSC Hons in International Marketing

450+ business owners supported






These are just some of the results we've worked with our clients to create

1:1 Program with hybrid group support for entrepreneurs scaling up their offer suite with cross-platform marketing, 1:many & passive offers.

Freedom CEO


The group accelerator for entrepreneurs who want to start & grow a freedom-filled online business & get booked out with dream clients.

The Confident
CEO Academy


The money-making membership for business owners who want to make consistent sales through the power of social media & activating content 

Social $ales Society

Create an action plan & implement the foundational steps you need to create a business with the potential for 6-figure years

6-Figure Foundations

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One of our favourite things to do for our clients is to help them think bigger.

Dream bigger.
Believe they are capable for more.
Take bigger, bolder action.


We will see your potential and your gifts for what they are & if you're playing small and we can see that, we’ll help you to strive for more.

It’s your turn to create & grow your dream business to support your vision board lifestyle. 

Let’s do this together.