The Confident CEO Academy

The high touch group accelerator for ambitious service providers & coaches who want to go ALL IN on their business.

Lay 6-figure foundations to accelerate your revenue to $5k-$8k months with PREMIUM offers & organic marketing all whilst prioritising TIME FREEDOM & IMPACT for your clients. 



Step away from being the "freelance" business owner who works with budget clients, only sells low ticket offers and get's burnt out quickly without getting anywhere near your income goals, and instead...

...Step into your identity as CEO by making a bigger impact in the online space with PREMIUM high ticket offers that are highly profitable, an authoritative brand where your audience see's you as an expert & long term clients.

In just 4 months...

Let me guess, you're here because...

You have BIG life goals and you know that your business has the potential to provide you the financial freedom to achieve them - but you're just not sure how to get there. 

You want to sell high ticket offers but you're worried that you won't be able to provide enough value or that no one will pay high ticket prices to work with you. 

You know your sales skills need work - you're unsure about how to close sales in the DM's & you know your discovery calls could use some work so you can help more clients.

You do get SOME enquiries but you're relying on referrals - you want a repeatable social strategy that will CONSISTENTLY make you sales. 

You have some clients but you're still a LONG way from your income goals. You know your current pricing & offer suite needs to shift in order for that to happen.

You are passionate about helping your clients & you want to create a STAND OUT experience and be known as the best in the industry as well as introduce new streams of income (like coaching).

20+ nationalities

100s of clients landed

130+ clients helped in CCA

Imagine yourself...

Filling out a high ticket offer with EASE because you've NAILED the messaging, marketing & sales systems to create consistent sales. 

Creating a TRULY impactful offer that changes your clients lives (and your own) and becoming KNOWN as the go-to. 
Scheduling a spa day, or getting your nails done at 11am on a Wednesday, or flying to Bali on a whim - because your business is providing the financial means  & time flexibility to be able to do that. 

Knowing for sure that your content will bring you weekly enquiries because you have a proven & repeatable strategy that will attract high value clients. 






Systems for freedom

Magnetic Marketing

Converting Clients

Introducing our proven framework: The Confident CEO Roadmap

Build your online presence & visibility with social media marketing & organic content strategy designed to attract PREMIUM clients to your page that can afford to pay you. Create a HOT audience by implementing buyer psychology principles into your content. 

Implement important systems & processes in your business that:
 1- Create a mesmerizing client experience for every client you serve (keeping them coming back for more) and
2- Ensure you free up valuable time to keep growing your business AND have more freedom in your calendar so you can stand the test of time and avoid burnout. 

Create your CEO Vision, understand the mindset behind a successful business & lay down 6-figure foundations by understanding how you can attract a premium target market & create a truly desirable offer that you can charge high ticket for. 

Learn & implement sales strategy & sales psychology techniques throughout your marketing to drive enquiries & close every DM conversation and sales call with AUTHENTIC & EMPOWERING sales closing methods. No more icky or pushy sales tactics. 

The Confident CEO Roadmap

CEO Foundations

Here's what you can expect in CCA...

Set up an email lead magnet funnel that builds trust & nurtures your audience and leads them right into your offers.

Learn the sales skills behind selling a high ticket offer - from writing great sales copy, to closing sales in the DM's and closing on discovery calls consistently & with confidence.

Learn exactly how to generate consistent leads for your business for ALL your offers, both with your content - and with lead generation techniques.

Implement systems for content, sales AND client management so you can work 20 hour weeks whilst STILL hitting $8k+ months

Understand how to TRULY nail the process behind creating a PREMIUM offer that your target audience find desirable. Both for coaching & for DONE-FOR-YOU offers. Think offers at LEAST $1k-$2k+

Learn the sales psychology strategy behind creating a monthly content strategy that is designed to take your audience through the buyer journey and buy every month. 



One of the BEST things about CCA is connecting with other business owners from around the world who are STRIVING for bigger things. Our monthly co-working is a chance to connect with them AND 

Monthly co-working calls for networking

Systems & processes are an important part of growing a freedom based business (i'm talking efficiency and automation!). That's why we have a resident tech expert on hand to help you with any tech issues that arise. 

Tech tutorials & group support from our resident tech/systems expert

Every single week you'll get access to a hot seat coaching session with Claudia and her expert co-coaches who will be there to mentor & coach you through any questions, struggles or blocks that come up along the way. These calls are EMPOWERING because you get to be in the room with other entrepreneurs who are just as ambitious as you!

4 months of WEEKLY coaching group sessions 

We regularly run extra workshops & trainings to go EVEN DEEPER on topics so that we get to help you with real life examples that you can apply to your own business. We also bring in guest experts regularly and have a whole library of past experts to learn from. 

Live Trainings, workshops & guest experts

We're in slack every day Mon-Fri to answer your burning questions as they come up, whether it's a situation with a client, or a question after watching one of our many video trainings - we have you covered! You have a team of coaches right in your pocket! 

Unlimited group access to Claudia & the panel of coaches on slack between calls

Our CCA framework has been developed over the last 3 years to give you everything you could possibly need to grow a successful, freedom based business full of premium clients 

Instant access to the 12 module course (over 70 lessons) containing the CEO framework

Our eyes on YOUR business. We believe continuous feedback is extremely important to your success and we give you extremely in depth feedback on anything you need us to look at. 

Material reviews, Live audits, social media audits, content plan reviews

We know that mindset plays a HUGE part in holding you back whilst growing your business so we made sure to bring on a qualified NLP mindset coach into CCA to support you with any mindset blocks that come up.

Direct access to a qualified mindset coach & NLP expert. Coaching once per month & slack support. 

We start with a 1:1 strategy session to map out how we’ll get you to your goals & you'll get a strategy doc action plan to work from (because we understand that there’s no one size fits all plan to grow a successful business)

And you get access to these                  


Every month you'll get access to a LIVE audit calls where you can submit parts of your business and we'll audit your work live on the call (and you'll get to learn from others audits). In the past audit calls have included: profile audits, video audits, copy audits, sales conversation audits and many more.

Monthly AUDIT calls (worth $1000)

Join our exclusive Quarterly planning workshop where I walk you through the framework of setting action steps towards your BIGGEST business goals as well as a spreadsheet for you to review & track your success.

Quarterly goal planning workshop

Get access to the exclusive Social $ales Society membership for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of social media SALES strategy to generate consistent revenue using organic content. The sales strategies within S$S have generated multiple 6-figures for us & our clients. 

1:1 Deep Dive Strategy call with Claudia + Personalised action plan (worth $1000)

4 months access to Social $ales Society Membership 

Get a 1:1 strategy call with Claudia where we'll deep dive into your business and your specific goals & I'll create a personalised action plan for you to follow during your time in CCA so you can accelerate towards your goals. 





Once onboarded, you’ll automatically get access to the online portal with the 12 module framework!

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Apply for your spot 

If it’s a good fit and you’re approved, you’ll be invited to join via a sign up link

One paid, you’ll get access to the onboarding portal where you’ll fill out an intake questionnaire, sign the contract & book in our first 1:1

You’ll also get access to the exclusive CEO slack community & the calls calendar

“This was the best investment I've ever made and that's why I've decided to re-sign”

Yasmin - Online Counsellor & Therapist

Are you looking for results like these?

This high touch 4 month accelerator is for the ambitious entrepreneur...

This is not like most group coaching programs where you’re thrown in a room with 50+ other people, with limited support. We pride CCA as being a hands-on, high touch coaching experience exclusively for entrepreneurs who are highly motivated to take action and create results.

who is ready to clarify who their premium target audience is, establish impactful offers, master their social strategy & create a sustainable & profitable business that will set them up for 6 figure potential.

The investment (USD)


For 6 months

Extended Payment Plan



Pay In Full


$900 /month

For 4 months

Your Payment Plan


She has supported us every step of the way and encouraged us to take ACTION! 

Becca & Lee - Social Media Managers

When I started CCA, I was a VA. I was really unsure on who my ideal client was, and I particularly had no idea how to sell my services. I was basically just winging it and hoping something would work. Within a few weeks of CCA I was fully booked. It has changed my life completely, I am so aligned with what I want to do, I have so much confidence in my business and my strategies. It has changed my mindset completely about my business. If you are thinking about signing up for CCA, go for it.

"We have successfully onboarded 8 clients in our time together and launched a successful referral programme. We have booked our one way flight to Asia to live our freedom lifestyle. We have loved working with Claudia, she has supported us every step of the way and encouraged us to take ACTION! We love the accountability we receive from her and have found all of the trainings, hot seat coaching and portal training amazing!"

Tegan, IG Business Mentor

Within a few weeks of CCA I was fully booked. It has changed my life completely...

Clodagh McIlhatton


Clodagh has built two successful online businesses, firstly as a Virtual Assistant and then as coach. She has worked with Multiple OSP's in 1:1 and group coaching programs helping her clients start and grow their own businesses, whilst travelling full time.

Founder & CEO 

Founder, head coach & marketing expert - Claudia has experience growing 2 successful online businesses & has helped countless women grow 6-figure businesses whilst traveling the world. 

Claudia Woodham


Meet The                Team

Danny Mather

CTO & Client Support

Danny is the resident tech expert & client support manager, on hand for anything tech, automation and systems related with over 10 years experience in IT & Tech. 

Nadja Amelie

Mindset Coach

Nadja is a certified Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist who helps business owners release their blocks, show up with confidence and shift their money mindset to massively grow their income

"Before I started CCA, I was feeling quite lost…I was hearing so much information from different directions and I didn’t quite know what to do. I was also really unconfident. Since the program, I’ve had six clients, my confidence has grown, I have clarity over who my dream client is, and I know exactly what I enjoy doing. I highly recommend it, you won’t regret it.”

Rio, Instagram Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Look, I was once exactly where you are right now...

Doubting whether it was the right time to invest in my business. All I’ll say is, I wish I took the chance to be a Confident CEO sooner. You’ve seen it happen to me and my six-figure clients who are now selling with ease. You’ve seen the transformations, the results, the journey. And you know it’s possible for you too—ONLY if you let it. Now, a question for you…

Isn’t it time to own your confident CEO energy?