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Are you ready to stop skipping vital foundational steps in your business, and actually set yourself up for long term 6-figure success?

You've chosen a random 'niche' but this actually hasn't helped (and now you feel like you're struggling to reach ANYONE that you could potentially help)

You THINK you have a content strategy, but it's not based on psychology or real information from your target market (and that's why it's not working).

You want to land clients but your offers and services are ALL OVER THE PLACE & you're terrified to actually go out there and sell them. 

The language in your content is attracting freebie seekers and budget-conscious bargain hunters, rather than your ideal clients.

I see you, struggling to hit past the $2k-$6k per month mark in your online business... Or maybe you're just getting started and feeling overwhelmed and pulled in all directions. 

It's tempting to just throw tons of content out there and hope for the best. But this is what's really going on:

It only takes $8,333 per month to hit 6-figure years

The most successful businesses in the online space all have one thing in common: they have NAILED their foundations first. 

If you skip these steps, you'll stay stuck for longer.

No more gatekeeping. Come along and find out exactly the missing pieces of your business strategy that are keeping you stuck. 

>> Have a deeper understanding of your target market & niche so that every time you create content, they feel like you are literally READING THEIR MINDS

>> Create offers and services based on REAL DATA (and not just a guess) so that your audience see's you as a no-brainer investment and always says 'I'M IN'

>> Have a messaging strategy that attract higher paying clients with EASE! No more 'you're out of budget' messages that make you feel like your services are not valuable (because they are!)

>> Create a business that builds INSANE momentum and long-term sustainable foundations that will generate consistent revenue for months & YEARS to come. 

Imagine if you could...

Fuelled by my passion for travel and my aspiration to become a digital nomad, I started my first online service based business back in 2019. Over the next 3 years I grew my business to multiple 6-figures and started travelling the world full time!

Since 2019 I've lived in 6 different countries, helped over 450+ business owners grow and scale their online business with authentic marketing, sales & business methods.

I believe everyone has what it takes to build a successful 6-figure online empire with the right action steps & strategy and the right support. 

Let me show you how to get there!

I'm a business & marketing strategist who travels the world full time whilst running a 6-figure freedom business

Hi I'm Claudia!

This isn't some fluffy, feel-good training. I'm going to give you practical steps you can implement into your biz asap!

A workbook to put what you learn into action

Learn the roadmap that has helped me and many clients create 6-figure foundations

7 value packed video modules

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Learn my 6-month game plan so that you can reach your income goals this year!

A step by step plan of action to get you on track within 6-months

I'm ready to set my business up for 6-figure success