Social Sales Society is THE social media $ales membership for ambitious service providers & coaches who want to leverage the power of social media SALES strategy & buyer psychology  to generate consistent revenue using organic content. The sales strategies within SSS have generated multiple 6-figures for us & our clients. 



No more slaving away for hours...

...creating content or wasting $$$$ on ads with ZERO return on your time or money… your FREE content can become a money-making MACHINE with the right sales strategy. 

This is for you if…

You’re now questioning every single post you make - you can’t seem to figure out how to get your target audience activated and ready to buy. 

Sales are few and far between (and it’s been this way for longer than you can remember). You’re finally ready to have a “i’m in” dm & stripe notification EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You’ve tried (or considered) using ads - but you REALLY don’t want to waste any more money with zero return - because your last attempt was a total flop.

You spend hours each week creating content for social media, but you’re wondering what the point is because you barely ever get any sales from it

You see other business owners SLAYING on IG stories, making sales (what seems like) every second of the day. But you get ZERO votes on your polls. 

Get your hands on THE content system

understand and implement

Stop following the viral ‘hacks’

that allows us to post over 400+ times a month across 5 channels (whilst only spending a couple of hours a week on it) - so you can create highly converting content that reaches ALL the right people, in less time

sales & buyer psychology into your content strategy so that you can stop counting likes & saves - and start counting the extra zero’s on your monthly revenue. 

and instead follow a step-by-step process to “sell without selling” so that your audience LOVE your content and are desperate to work with you after binging what you have to say. 



The S$S Framework


01. Strategise

02. systemise

03. Sell


TikTok Sales Strategy
Optimise your TikTok for $ales
SEO for TikTok
TikTok Video Styles

TIKTOK Strategy

Social $ales Strategy
Value-Based Selling Strategy
Sales Content Types
The Buyer Journey
High Ticket Content Messaging
Personal Branding Content
Top of FUNNEL content (Go viral with intention)

IG Sales Strategy
Optimise your IG for $ales
IG Story $ales Masterclass

Instagram Strategy

Lessons include:


01. Strategise

02. systemise

03. Sell


STEP 3: Sales Content $cripting
STEP 4: Repurposing Masterclass
Batch Creating & Editing Your Videos
Managing a TEAM for your content process.

The Social $ales System
$ales Consistency
STEP 1: $ales Calendar
STEP 2: $ales Planning

Lessons include:


01. Strategise

02. systemise

03. Sell


Selling on Lives
Create a HOT audience
Video Sales Confidence
Promotional Content

Sales Mindset Blocks
Social Proof Masterclass
High Converting Hooks
High Converting CTA's

Lessons include:


01. Strategise

02. systemise

03. Sell


6-Figure Story $ales Sequences
Content Prompts Vault
Caption Template
$100k Content Pieces

Content $ales System Spreadsheet
Social $ales Consistency Tracker
Hooks Vault
Carousel $ales Sequences

Lessons include:


01. Strategise

02. systemise

03. Sell


Astrology for business


High Converting Instagram Captions

Karen McCarthy

Instagram Growth Masterclass

Beth Moody

Guest Expert Sessions:

Showing up authentically on social media

Alexa Wilkinson

Social $ales Society


Learn to go VIRAL to the right audience

Master your HIGH TICKET $ales

Make wins like this a WEEKLY occurence

Stop the scroll AND learn how to land the sale without feeling salesy

  • Dozens of PROVEN content prompts that will attract DREAM clients and get them FIRED UP & ready to buy from you
  • Story Sales Sequence Templates (plug and play)
  • Carousel Sequence Templates (plug and play)
  • Converting Caption Template Formulas 
  • Hooks vault
  • Personal branding workbook 
  • Consistency tracker

Imagine going into every month knowing that your content is fully prepped and you don’t need to think about it again until next month... 

Not only because my Content $ales System will turn 5 content ideas into 20

But because you also get:


What's Included?

A supportive Facebook Community for accountability

S$S LIVE Monthly Masterclass/Workshop

S$S Guest experts once per quarter

Monthly Q&A with Claudia 

Access to the S$S Content System & Strategy Framework



Implement & start making more sales! 


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Social $ales Society is FULL of value! Browse through our modules & learn how to strategise, systemise, sell, and so much more!

Learning to create a hot & spicy audience & make new sales daily has NEVER been as accessible as it is right now. 

When you make ONE sale from the content in the membership - your investment will be 10x returned with a $500 offer. Now that’s what I call an ROI…


Ready to go all in?

"I now feel much more confident when closing a sale in the DM's by leading with value. I can now say I have signed a client through this method. I batch recorded content for July for the first time & I've loved learning the scripting process - such a valuable skill you've taught us and I don't know anyone who is teaching it the way you do" 

- Jodi -

"I've mapped out a months worth of content, written and created a full weeks worth of content in the same time it would have taken me to write 1 post before!! 

It's felt so doable that I've even set up another business!"

- Rebecca -

“I would say this membership is value-packed and Claudia has an amazing energy that makes us really excited to learn and implement what we are learning. Since joining I have booked a discovery call and just signed an amazing new client!”

- Xioly -

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I'm Claudia, multiple 6-figure entrepreneur, marketing & business strategist, online educator, full time traveller, total foodie, and on a mission to help YOU ditch the rat-race and live life on your own terms and share your gifts with the world.

Like you, I CRAVED freedom. Freedom from the rat-race, freedom from being tied down to one place, and creative freedom so that I could actually enjoy my work and impact others at the same time - I really needed some fulfilment in my life. 

Claudia Woodham

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