Freedom CEO Accelerator Mastermind

The high touch 1:1 hybrid accelerator for ambitious service providers & coaches who are ready to scale up to $30k+ months, impact more clients and create the ULTIMATE levels of freedom.

Introducing THE

I'm ready to go all in

Create a truly freedom based business 

by designing & scaling up your product suite for time freedom & impact, implement psychology based marketing & sales strategies designed to ramp up your visibility and fill out your 1:many offers with ease, and implement systems, teams & automations that create immense space in your schedule so you can enjoy your success. 

You've had some incredible months in business, but you know it's time to think about sustainability and scaling up to ensure long-term repeatable success. Within FCA you will… 

✨ Get crystal clear on how to scale up your product suite to double your revenue with high touch 1:many programs & passive offers

✨ Learn to plan and execute multiple 5-figure launches that feel fun and easy 

✨ Grow your authority with on-point messaging, marketing, and visibility across multiple platforms

✨ Step into your multiple 6-figure IDENTITY and start making the decisions & and taking the action towards becoming that CEO

✨ Call in aligned clients who are READY to pay HIGH 4-figures & 5-figures

✨ Design a product suite that is built for client retention & loyalty, become THAT person that clients want to keep re-signing with

I'm here to be your right hand woman whilst you scale your freedom-filled business and hit your dream income goals. 


This is for you if…

You know you have the potential to build a multiple 6-figure business with what you do - but you need action steps, support & new & more sustainable strategies that will really elevate you to the next level. 

You’re ready for increased visibility, daily enquiries, more structure to your business & and you want to feel like a leader rather than a solopreneur. 

You know you need more monthly recurring revenue & you want to stop worrying about where your next client is coming from. You need a repeatable & efficient process that consistently generates new leads.

You know that you have what it takes to serve & impact your clients, but you want to scale it up to help more people, whilst earning more and working less.

You want to create 1:many offers such as group programs, online courses or digital products. You KNOW you have what it takes to help more people, but you're not sure where to start or how to fill out these offers.

Freedom CEO Framework

Introducing our exclusive framework that is designed to scale your business to 6-figures

CEO Planning & Vision

Step into your bigger vision as CEO and step up your brand strategy to match. Show your audience exactly who you are and how you help and re-establish yourself as a trustworthy, high quality brand who gets results for your clients through your offers.


Pillar Five

Pillar One

Pillar Two

Pillar Three

Pillar Four

Visibility & Marketing


Take your marketing strategy to the next level by using psychology based content strategy, cross platform marketing and repurposing methods to be seen by THOUSANDS more potential clients (so you can fill out your 1:many and passive offers). Keeping your message & your value consistent across platforms. 

Pillar Five

Pillar One

Pillar Two

Pillar Three

Pillar Four

Revenue & Sales


Call in high ticket clients consistently with authentic sales strategies, magnetic messaging and sales systems that create ease and efficiency in your business every time you make a sale. Increase your conversion rates with sales copy, sales conversations and content that is designed to get those “I’M IN” messages on the regular. 

Pillar Five

Pillar One

Pillar Two

Pillar Three

Pillar Four

Impact & Offers


Create scalable, impactful and intentional offers, services and passive products that are designed to help multiple clients at the same time, at different levels and create incredible results for your clients - so you truly CAN help everyone that needs it in your audience from a place of care and integrity. 

Pillar Five

Pillar One

Pillar Two

Pillar Three

Pillar Four

Systems for Freedom


Create sustainable systems in your business with automations and freedom-filled processes that allows you the time freedom to not only step into your role as CEO, but to actually ENJOY your success outside of your business (because you truly deserve it). 

Pillar Five

Pillar One

Pillar Two

Pillar Three

Pillar Four

Are you ready for results like these?

FCA is not just another group program. 

What makes FCA unique is you ALSO get access to all of this too: 

FCA is a high touch coaching accelerator - with 1:1 & group elements included to enhance your experience & put you in the room with other incredible entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you & are experiencing similar problems & roadblocks. 

2x per month AUDIT calls where we deep dive into giving you the feedback you need to get results

Free Access to the S$S membership

Free access to The Confident CEO Academy course

As my FCA client - you get access to all this 1:1 support

Monthly 1:1 Project reviews - submit your content plans, sales pages, lead magnets, email sequences, product suites 

An initial 60 min 1:1 Strategy intensive & 45 min 1:1 call EVERY month with Claudia

Private & Group Mastermind daily slack support (mon-fri)

WEEKLY group mastermind coaching calls to keep you accountable and support you with any challenges

LIVE workshops/trainings and guest experts


Access to the Freedom CEO Framework with 40+ video trainings, workbooks and resources

"I loved working with Claudia because she teaches real concrete things and shows you how to set-up systems in your business to make it more efficient. The first month working with her, i hit my first $12K month and made back my investment in the program. I also love that she continuously adds new trainings and checks in with you privately to make sure you're making progress in the program."

“I hit my first $12K month and made back my investment”

Hear it from Jocelyn:

When Jocelyn came to me, she was struggling to make sales for her high ticket program. Her enquiries were lower than she would have liked & the enquiries she did get, weren't converting in the DM's. Jocelyn REALLY didn't want to get on sales calls. 

We worked on a highly converting sales content strategy and I taught her my signature DM sales blueprint. In her first month she made the ENTIRE investment back for FCA. 

Jocelyn - Fashion Boutique Coach

"This coaching has helped me SO much beyond words, has been the best investment I've ever made, and how I'm not sure I could ever trust another coach again because what you and your team have brought to the table has been so outstanding. So glad to be here and constantly learning and evolving"

“The best investment I've ever made ”

Hear it from Maggie:

When Maggie came to me in FCA, she was undercharging, struggling to land clients and feeling totally out of love with her business, bringing in $1k-$2k per month & feeling like giving up.

Over the last 10 months working together, Maggie has totally re-invented her product suite, doubled her TikTok following, sold out her 1:1, launched her group program 3x, had $20k months & within 10 months she hit 6-figures in sales! 

Maggie - Tiktok Strategist

Case Studies

Who this exclusive, high touch 1:1 hybrid experience is for:

This high touch 6 month 1:1 accelerator is for the entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to make big moves, leap outside the comfort zone regularly & step up in their business as a leader & take action on a daily basis. 

The clients who see the best results in FCA will show up for their business daily, try new strategies & ways of doing things, and will trust the process of learning, tweaking and implementing to get to their goals. 

That’s me

Sally Anne Howard

Messaging/Copy Coach

Sally is a Marketing & Messaging Expert, Founder of a 6-figure business and brings over 8 years' experience writing high-converting copy and content for both big-name global brands and smaller online business owners.

Founder & CEO 

Founder, head coach & marketing expert - Claudia has experience growing 2 successful online businesses & has helped countless women grow 6-figure businesses whilst traveling the world. 

Claudia Woodham


Meet The                Team

Danny Mather

CTO & Client Support

Danny is the resident tech expert & client support manager, on hand for anything tech, automation and systems related with over 10 years experience in IT & Tech. 

Nadja Amelie

Mindset Coach

Nadja is a certified Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist who helps business owners release their blocks, show up with confidence and shift their money mindset to massively grow their income

"Claudia is super helpful, honest, empathetic and gives you individual feedback on your business. She is fantastic with mapping out a strategy that suits you and the business you are building. She gives you personalised guidance every step of the way."

Karen - Marketing & Business CoacH

Frequently Asked Questions

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t need support & guidance in your business. 

So now is your time to lean in, take the leap - and implement the proven strategies & methods that have helped me & dozens of my clients generate 5-figure+ months in their business (whilst still enjoying time freedom & impacting their clients). 

The question isn’t “can I afford to join?” - the question is “can you afford not to join?”