Content to cash is the content strategy course designed to transform your instagram content strategy into a money making machine

Content to Cash helped my business and my content in ways you wouldn't believe!! 😍 it helped me nail my strategy, have endless content ideas, and feel more confident selling! Plus, I landed not one, not two, but three absolute DREAM clients simply through my content after taking the course! I cannot thank you enough Claudia for releasing Content to Cash, it was a complete life changer for me and I highly recommend it! 🥰

Already sold?!

tell me, DOES THIS sound familiar...?

👉You find yourself struggling to think of content ideas and end up procrastinating instead

👉You’re spending hours creating content but it feels like wasted effort because you’re not making many sales or landing many clients

👉Your ideal clients just aren’t taking any notice of your account. Your audience is just full of other accounts in your niche & competitors 🤦🏻‍♀️

👉You know you should have some kind of strategy but you have no idea where to start. 

👉You HATE the idea of spending hours in the dm’s trying to get ideal clients to sign up to work with you. 

You no longer have to feel like this....


now, Imagine what it would feel like...

🥂For your account to grow every single day with new ideal clients

🥂Waking up to DREAM clients booking in discovery calls with you (without even speaking to you first)

🥂Your offers selling in your sleep because your content strategy does the selling for you

🥂To cultivate an audience of RAVING FANS who love to shout about your services and offers

🥂To NEVER run out of content ideas again and have total clarity around how to create KILLER content

Sounds like the dream, right?!

This reality isn’t out of reach for you.


You don’t have to be a ‘marketing expert’ to create content that sells. All you need are the resources, the knowledge and the guidance on ‘how’ to make it happen.


You don’t need to spend hours in the DM’s trying to persuade people to work with you…


It’s time to let your content do the work. 🥂

Hi, I'm Claudia

I’m your Marketing & Mindset coach that’s going to help you LEVEL UP your content strategy, land more clients and generate more sales & income in your business.

After designing a content strategy that led to my first £5K, and £10k and £20k months, I realised that I NEEDED to share my methods with the world. 

Most recently I’ve celebrated SELLING OUT multiple offers in 2021, having my highest cash months yet and helping more clients than ever. 

I’ve never used paid ads for my content and the majority of my clients come through Instagram – where I have a killer content strategy that regularly brings in new clients who LOVE my message and want to work with me (sometimes before I’ve even had a chance to talk about my offers!)

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it in my one of a kind 4-week content strategy course: Content to Cash.


The ultimate sales content strategy course designed to transform your Instagram content into a sales conversion machine!

Learn EXACTLY how to create a content strategy for your business that attracts and converts dream clients with ease
Find out the proven methods to create stronger connections with your audience and turn them into raving fans
Never run out of content ideas again with my MAGIC content formula for valuable, targeted content that draws people to you
Go Viral and skyrocket your visibility with Instagram Reels!
Transform into a story sales superstar with my ultimate sales strategies for stories!
Never worry about where your next client is coming from – you’ll automatically attract and SELL your offers just from your content!

Learn my 3-step framework to content that sells

step 1: content client magnet strategy

step 2: build an audience of raving fans

step 3:
convert to dream clients

What's Included?

content to cash course: 9 video trainings
(value: £1000)💰

Get INSTANT access to the entire Content to Cash course with 3 modules & 9 video trainings packed walking you through my proven content strategy formula to attract and convert your dream clients

resources, templates and workbooks
(VALUE: £500)💰

Tons of resources, templates and workbooks allowing you to put everything you learn into practice right away. Map out your profitable content strategy and use the content prompts and templates to quickly put together some killer content that SELLS.

DON't forget your juicy bonuses (worth £1000)

total value - £3800

you can join today for only £297
flexible payment option available

Best Value

Flexible Plan🥂

Hear from past Content to Cash students...

When i signed up for content to cash, i was about a month into running my business as a VA and was really struggling to stand out amongst others who were offering the same as me! Content to Cash really taught me how to come up with unique content and helped me become much more visible online! I especially loved that the course teaches about story sequences that sell! Almost all of my sales for my low ticket offer have come from my story sequences, which have been put together based on what i learnt from the Content to Cash course!
Working through content to cash has been such a breakthrough in not only re-wiring my mindset to understand how to attract clients properly, but also in giving me the confidence to show up every day knowing I have all the tools I need to bring in my absolute dream clients. Now, I’m getting dream clients asking to jump on a call with me to see how they can work with me and my content is literally doing most of the leg work🎉
Content to cash has been an absolute game changer!!⚡️The story sequence has to be my absolute fave. I used that before my launch and my audience loved the content I was posting on my stories. I would defo recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to up their content game and put out content that directly speaks to their ideal clients.
content to cash academy testimonial

see what's in the course:

Learn EXACTLY how to create a profitable content strategy that attracts and converts your ideal clients with ease

I’ll show you how to generate unlimited content ideas easily with my MAGIC content formula and how to plan them out on a content calendar

Set your Instagram profile up for immediate success so your ideal clients find you with ease and watch your follow back rates skyrocket

How to make your content super targeted and visible to it attracts ALL the right people to your page

Turn your audience into RAVING FANS who’ll be shouting out about you from the rooftops

Ever wondered what it would be like to go VIRAL and grow your account super fast with targeted leads? Now you’ll know!

I’m showing you ALL the strategies I use on Instagram stories to sell thousands of pounds worth of products and services

Your words are powerful, I’ll show you exactly how to use your words to convert your audience into paying clients

The proven strategies to create EVEN more sales and convert MORE clients with your content!

Imagine seeing results like this...

Content to cash is the ultimate program designed to help you transform your content strategy into a cash generating machine

I’ll teach you ALL my proven content strategy and content creation methods that have helped me reach multiple 5-figure cash months and sell out my services OVER and OVER again as well as my clients.

And now it’s your turn

Content to Cash is for you if…


You’re an online business owner who wants to stop spending hours creating content with little to NO results and you want to get your business FULLY BOOKED with dream clients


You struggle to SELL your offers: Content to Cash will teach you proven methods to sell through the power of your content and get those DM’s filling up with ideal clients


You have a small audience: Content to Cash will not only show you how to sell but it will show you how to ATTRACT ideal clients to your page


Some more client results:


You’ll get instant access to the Content to Cash course modules and Facebook community and you can get stuck straight in!

You get FOUR WEEKS of support included within the Facebook Group & 2x Q&A calls where you can ask all your burning questions.

The strategies inside of Content to Cash have not only been tested by Claudia. She’s taught them to dozens of clients along the way–many of them resulting in their first £3K & £5K months and becoming fully booked with ideal clients. Content to Cash works best for those that are in their first year of business OR new to Instagram Content strategy. If you want to grow your business on Instagram and start having success from your content strategy, this is the course for you.

The course is non-refundable, but I’m totally convinced that you’ll be blown away by the incredible amounts of value in the course anyway!

All calls will be recorded and you will have the opportunity post your questions in the FB group which Claudia will then answer on the calls for you. 

Content to Cash is really amazing! I love Claudia's content creation strategy, it has helped me to step up my content game and nail my messaging, which resulted in getting more leads on the waitlist for my services! Honestly, Content to Cash is one of my best investments EVER!
The content to cash course helped me gain so much clarity with my content on Instagram. I now feel a lot more confident in how to create content that speaks to my audience. I saw results so quickly after implementing some changes and even had people in my DMs saying that they want to work with me because they saw a post that really resonated with them! 🤩

This course has helped me daily in my business!


if you've gotten this far...

Chances are you’re serious about growing your business and attracting a steady stream of warm leads for your business and you KNOW how important your content strategy is in making that happen. 

You don’t have to sit back and watch everyone else in the online space getting ALL the success.. that can be you! What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to take action and learn to strategically use the power of content to grow your business.