Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, feel confident, empowered and finally experience the freedom and flexibility that you started your business for?

Do you want to stand out, run your online business on your own terms and feel good about what you have to offer?

Join CCA and feel your confidence skyrocket and watch your business grow!
it's crazy what you can achieve in just 12 weeks!

Tell me, is this you?

You don't have to feel like this.
You can have the business and the life you always wanted, and the journey gets to feel easy, fun and empowering.


Does this feel out of reach? Let me tell you, this is totally possible for you to achieve...

Hey, I'm Claudia

I’m your Business & Mindset coach that’s going to help you LEVEL UP your business.

I used to be EXACTLY you are! Less than a year ago, I used to be terrified to show up, I wasn’t visible for my business and I was totally winging it when it came to growing my business, landing dream clients and trying to hit higher income months.

I then realised the importance of showing up powerfully and confidently in your business – as soon as I transformed my mindset and started implementing the right marketing & sales techniques – I was booked out within months!

I now consistently make £6k+ in my business, have passive income and only work with absolute DREAM clients.

I work with female online service providers to help them build the confidence and the knowledge to market their business, sell their products and services in a way that feels good to them and land DREAMY clients.  

Empowering other women to feel confident, market their business in a way that feels authentic to them and SELL unapologetically is my passion. I want to help you THRIVE in the online space, the way I have.

All of this is totally possible for you too!

Read what my clients say....

Lilisha Angol
Lilisha Angol@lilisha_angol
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CCA was my very first investment and it CHANGED me for the better. It was everything I could have asked for and more. The extensive amount of knowledge and training, high-level support from Claudia and the other lovely ladies was just phenomenal. CCA gave me the confidence to sign my first 2 clients in less than 2 months and I couldn't be happier! Before CCA, there was no way in hell I would feel comfortable, much less confident, with talking to a camera, posting in front of hundreds of people that I didn't know, or just being myself.
Rosie Scarlet
Rosie Scarlet@clickscarlet
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CCA was brilliant! A great community with so much support. I couldn’t have asked for more. I now believe in myself to set up a business in something I'm extremely passionate about, I'm confident in setting strong boundaries with clients and know that mindset work is the most important thing. I didn't expect that level of support, two calls a week was more than enough and then we had 24/7 support on WhatsApp which was an amazing bonus!
Jessica Middleton
Jessica Middleton@middletonpaservices
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CCA was life-changing! I have made firm friends and business relationships that I know will be ongoing for a very long time. I asked Claudia before signing on if she felt with CCA I could make back my money and she firmly said yes. She wasn't wrong. I have made three times as much as I have spent on CCA. Now that is what I call return on investment.
Ilaria Sambi
Ilaria Sambi@ilaria_theva
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It was a wonderful experience, I will genuinely miss having a group of ladies cheering me up every week. I gained confidence which helped me gain more clients, I sorted out my messaging and my strategy, and I pivoted to what I love doing. I feel way more confident, feel like an authority and I am more positive about the success of my business and the future. I give waaay less shit about what other people think and my mistakes.
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I really loved the course and was extremely surprised to go on such a journey with the whole mindset issue, if it had not been for this course I would have made more mistakes, not had the support to embrace this either, so I am thankful to everyone on the course and I know I can always reach out to these ladies for support and advice.

If you are ready to to push yourself and build the business you've always wanted, join the confident ceo academy today

The Confident CEO Academy is a 12-week group coaching experience designed to help you accelerate your business growth, build your confidence and teach you authentic sales and marketing methods that feel good to you.

CCA is for female online service providers and coaches who are in their first year of business and are ready to put the work in to learn, grow and take their business to the next level.

You will...

Connect and learn with a community of women who are all on the same journey as you - you’ll be cheering each other on and celebrating success together!

Get clarity on your niche, ideal clients, branding and offerings so that you can attract clients who value you and respect you and sell your services with ease.

Push through the boundaries of your comfort zone and overcome those fears that are holding you back from showing up as your best self for your business.

Learn organic and authentic marketing methods that will make you stand out as an authority in your niche.

Become confident AF when selling your products and services every single time

So what's included?

Here's a breakdown of the 10-week program:

cultivating a winning mindset
ceo rituals for success

clarify your ideal client & nailing your niche
BONUS! @wildlycreating branding masterclass

crafting your irresistible offers
building a profitable product suite


Launching your offers

the CEO mindset shift
overcoming self doubt and limiting beliefs

The Content Marketing Masterclass

Lead Generation & Attracting Dream Clients

instagram sales masterclass & selling in the dm's

sales call masterclass

systems & scaling
Bonus: @katiechic rise into your ceo training

Hear what previous CCA members have to say:



  • 10 x LIVE Trainings +Q&A
  • 10 x Group mentoring sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat support
  • Private Facebook group  


  • 10 x LIVE Trainings +Q&A
  • 10 x Group mentoring sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat support
  • Private Facebook group  


  • 10 x LIVE Trainings +Q&A
  • 10 x Group mentoring sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat
  • Private Facebook group


£ 169 10X PAYMENTS
  • 10 x LIVE Trainings +Q&A
  • 10 x Group mentoring sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat support
  • Private Facebook group  

Frequently asked questions

Round 3 of CCA starts on the 26th of April

Once I know what timezones everyone is in and what your situations are I will ensure to do the calls at a time that works around you. All the calls will be recorded so even if you can’t make one of the calls, you’ll still be able to catch them after. 

You have a choice to pay via Paypal, Stripe or bank transfer. I have flexible payment plans and I’m open to discussing other options if the ones displayed above don’t suite you.

Absolutely! You are welcome to apply from any country! Prices are displayed in GBP – please contact me for the USD prices. 

You’ll have access to me via the group whatsapp and the Facebook group at all times! I’ll always get back to you as quickly as possible. You also get a group coaching call every week where you’ll get hot seat coaching. 

I want to keep the group intimate and provide a super high level of support, so the maximum number in the group will be 12.

what are you waiting for?!
Now is YOUR time to feel like a kick-ass CEO, book out your business with dream clients and become UNSTOPPABLE!

You DO have what it takes. With the right support, the right tools and the right knowledge, there's absolutely NO reason why you can't have a business you love, the freedom and flexibility you need to have your dream life.

I've been where you are, and I know how scary it can be to make an investment like this. But I want you to have the trust and belief in yourself that you CAN & WILL make this work.

All you need is a mentor and Coach who's been where you are now & a support group of ladies who are on exactly the same journey who can guide you, support you and cheer you on every step of the way.

How would you feel if one year from now, you were in exactly the same position? Would you wish you had invested when you had the chance?

What are you waiting for? NOW is your time.