the ultimate group coaching experience for women who want to accelerate the growth of their online business!

Hey, ambitious online business owner...

Hands up if you’ve started your online business because you KNOW you’re meant for more than just the 9-5 grind. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Earning income from your laptop, flying around the world, ✈️  working less and earning MORE. You just KNEW that being your own boss was exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. 

So you stepped WAY outta your comfort zone and started your online business. You set up your socials and started searching for your first few clients. 


You’ve ended up falling down a rabbit hole of endless googling, comparing yourself to others on IG and downloading an unimaginable amount of freebies that are just collecting dust in your inbox.

And now you’re wondering… how the hell am I gonna make this work?! 

It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of self doubt, comparison and fear. You WANT this to work out, but you just don’t know if you have what it takes to actually get your business off the ground and make this your full time thing…

Let me guess...

All of the above is TOTALLY normal, and you definitely aren’t alone.
I have good news for you...with the right biz strategies, knowledge & support in place, you don’t have to feel this way EVER again.

Instead, imagine...

If you think this is impossible for you, trust me — it’s not.


with claudia woodham

The Confident CEO Academy is a 12-week business acceleration group coaching experience designed to help you hit dream income months, build your confidence, and learn authentic marketing methods that make you feel good (never sleazy!).

CCA is for female online service-providers and coaches who are in their first year of business and are ready to put the work in to learn, grow, and take their business to the next level.

You will...

Get crystal-clear about your niche, ideal client, branding and offerings so that you can sell your services with ease to dream clients who truly value you.

Break out of your comfort zone and overcome the fears that are holding you back from showing up as your best self in your business.

Learn organic and authentic marketing methods that will make you stand out as the GO-TO authority in your niche.

Confidently sell your products and services in a way that feels good to you AND your audience

Connect and learn with a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey as you. You’ll be cheering each other on and celebrating your success together!


Hey, I'm Claudia

I’m the business and marketing coach that’s going to help you LEVEL UP your business. I help female online service providers and coaches like you build the confidence and skills to successfully market your business, land soulmate clients, and hit dream income goals.

So…how do I know? 

Because not too long ago, I was EXACTLY where you are.

I wanted to land dream clients and hit the high income months I’d heard so much about…but I was too terrified to show up and make myself visible, and was totally winging it when it came to my business growth strategy.

Trust me…I get how you’re feeling right now. 

But once I realized the importance of showing up powerfully and confidently in my business, I was able to transform my mindset and implement the RIGHT marketing and sales techniques…and I booked out in months!

I now run a 6-figure business, consistently hit multiple 5 figure months, work with only absolute DREAM clients, and make money and impact whilst travelling the world.

I don’t tell you this to brag, only to show you what’s possible for YOU to achieve in your business. Empowering you to feel confident, market your business authentically, and sell unapologetically is my passion. I want to help you THRIVE in the online space and grow your dream business the way I have!

All of this is totally possible for you too!

Read what my clients say....

Lilisha Angol
Lilisha Angol@lilisha_angol
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CCA was my very first investment and it CHANGED me for the better. It was everything I could have asked for and more. The extensive amount of knowledge and training, high-level support from Claudia and the other lovely ladies was just phenomenal. CCA gave me the confidence to sign my first 2 clients in less than 2 months and I couldn't be happier! Before CCA, there was no way in hell I would feel comfortable, much less confident, with talking to a camera, posting in front of hundreds of people that I didn't know, or just being myself.
Jessica Middleton
Jessica Middleton@middletonpaservices
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CCA was life-changing! I have made firm friends and business relationships that I know will be ongoing for a very long time. I asked Claudia before signing on if she felt with CCA I could make back my money and she firmly said yes. She wasn't wrong. I have made three times as much as I have spent on CCA. Now that is what I call return on investment.
Ilaria Sambi
Ilaria Sambi@ilaria_theva
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It was a wonderful experience, I will genuinely miss having a group of ladies cheering me up every week. I gained confidence which helped me gain more clients, I sorted out my messaging and my strategy, and I pivoted to what I love doing. I feel way more confident, feel like an authority and I am more positive about the success of my business and the future. I give waaay less shit about what other people think and my mistakes.
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I learned so much and made some amazing new connections. I could feel myself growing in confidence the whole way through! I had potential clients approaching me to ask about my services and booking calls with me without me having to approach them, which was amazing and had never happened before! I signed my first client on retainer & other project work too which was really exciting.


Rosie O'Boyle

Rosie is a mindset and self-love coach who helps entrepreneurs at all different stages in their business journey overcome blocks that are holding them back from professional and personal growth. She uses a method of recognizing, releasing, and reconnecting to overcome old beliefs & habits and recreate new ones in order to move forward. She believes mindset and self-love is at the heart of everything we do and essentially impacts the results we see in life!


Jessica Middleton - Biz Finance Expert

Hey! I’m Jess, and alongside my Husband Luke, we run Middleton Professional Accounts Services, a modern practice with a modern approach to accounting. We enable driven entrepreneurs to level up their business by making finance and accounting simple. With over 15 years of combined experience working within various business sectors, we’re able to help you navigate the confusion and cut the stress, enabling you to take control and understand your business finances.

Zoe - Video Content Expert

Zoe is a mum of three girls and runs two successful businesses that she loves. Her mission is to help ambitious female entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck with their video marketing, gain clarity and confidence so they can get more clients in their business and earn more income. 

hear from the women who committed to building their dream business and took part in previous rounds of cca:

When Tegan first started CCA, she was a VA who struggled to get clear about her ideal client and how to sell herself and her services. Within a few weeks of starting CCA, she was fully booked out. Now, Tegan is transitioning into working as an Instagram business mentor.

“When I started CCA, I was a VA. I was really unsure on who my ideal client was, and I particularly had no idea how to sell my services. I was basically just winging it and hoping something would work. Within a few weeks of CCA I was fully booked. It has changed my life completely, I am so aligned with what I want to do, I have so much confidence in my business and my strategies. It has changed my mindset completely about my business. If you are thinking about signing up for CCA, go for it.” — Tegan Lily, Instagram Business Mentor

Ilaria joined CCA in 2020 after going back and forth over the decision to invest. CCA was able to help her gain the clarity and confidence she needed to quit her 9-5 and take her business full-time. Now, she’s standing out as an expert in her niche and has dream clients are coming to her instead of the other way around! 

“I joined CCA in 2020 and it was the best decision ever for me and for my business. During the eight weeks I gained so much more clarity and confidence in myself that I decided to leave my 9-5. I gained so much clarity around my niche, my ideal client, and services. Claudia is an amazing mentor and the group setting is amazing — the girls are all so supportive. If you are not sure about investing in CCA, I would 100% recommend it!”

— Ilaria Sambi, Tech VA & VA Mentor

Prior to starting CCA, Rio was feeling a little lost in her business. She didn’t know which strategies to follow, who her dream client was, or how to confidently show up. Whilst completing CCA, Rio landed six clients and has the clarity and confidence she was seeking!

“Before I started CCA, I was feeling quite lost…I was hearing so much information from different directions and I didn’t quite know what to do. I was also really unconfident. Since the program, I’ve had six clients, my confidence has grown, I have clarity over who my dream client is, and I know exactly what I enjoy doing. I highly recommend it, you won’t regret it.”

 — Rio, Instagram Manager

Before Jessica joined CCA, she felt incapable, under qualified, and like she lacked confidence. Jessica was nervous to invest at first, but she trusted herself and went for it. CCA not only helped her gain confidence and clarity surrounding her business, but she also tripled her investment during the program.  

“The CCA program absolutely changed my life as a business owner. Since coming out of CCA, my confidence has grown, I feel super capable, and I feel extremely qualified to run my business. I made my investment back three times over in the eight weeks I was in the program. It was just an incredible experience and I would 100% recommend it for any business owner who is struggling with overcoming themselves. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Jessica Middleton, Middleton PA Services

Are you in?


Pay In Full

  • 12 LIVE Trainings & Q&A
  • 9 x Group Coaching sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat support
  • Private Facebook group  


£ 549 3 monthly payments
  • 12 LIVE Trainings & Q&A
  • 9 x Group Coaching sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat support
  • Private Facebook group  

Super Flexible

£ 225 8 monthly payments
  • 12 LIVE Trainings & Q&A
  • 9 x Group Coaching sessions
  • 4 x Guest expert trainings
  • WhatsApp group chat support
  • Private Facebook group  


Love the sound of being part of the incredible community that is CCA – but still want more intimate support?

£ 2497 Payment plans available
  • Everything included above PLUS
  • 3 x 60 minute 1:1 Calls
  • Unlimited 1:1 Voxer support for 12 weeks

Take a look at what's inside...


12 LIVE Masterclasses to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to grow a successful business, land dream clients and show up like an absolute pro. 

You get lifetime access to ALL trainings in your very own online portal, everything is recorded so no need to worry if you miss a session!

Worth £2000

9 group coaching STRATEGY & MINDSET sessions

POWERFUL hot seat coaching sessions so you can gain clarity and confidence when it comes to your business. Get personalised advice and guidance on all things strategy and mindset from Claudia and her co-coach Rosie. 

Worth £2500

course materials + workbooks

Workbooks, trackers, planners and more! Get stuck in with actionable resources so you can put what you learn from the trainings into action right away and actually implement the strategies and techniques that will skyrocket your business growth.

Worth £500

guest masterclass library

A whole library full of guest experts trainings including productivity, branding, copywriting, systems and much much more! 


Worth £1500

private facebook group

A private facebook group where Claudia will keep you accountable every week on your intentions and we can celebrate our wins together as well as share resources! 

Worth £1000

whatsapp group support

WhatsApp group support where you can ask questions and get extra coaching between calls. Not only that but be part of an incredible community of women who are cheering you on and routing for you the whole way! 


Here's a breakdown of the program...

Week 1
CEO Goal Setting & Rituals for Success
Building a Winning Mindset

In our first week of the program, we’ll be looking at how you can set yourself up for success in your online business through mindset and rituals. This is the foundation of how you show up as a business owner!
Week 2
Nailing Down Your Niche
Clarifying Your Ideal Client
BONUS: Branding Masterclass with @wildlycreating

In week two, we’ll dig into how you can get really specific and clear about both your ideal client and your niche. You also have access to a branding masterclass to help you figure out how you want your brand to appear to the world!
Week 3
Crafting Your Profitable Product Suite & Irresistible Offers

In week three, we’ll talk about how the strategy behind making more money, serving more clients, and creating offers those clients can't resist. We also dive into pricing psychology so you know how to price your offers in a way that sells.
Week 4
Mindset Masterclass with Guest Expert Rosie: Self-Love in Business

In week four, guest expert Rosie will teach a mindset-based Masterclass. Details TBD.
Week 5
Launching Your Offers

Week five is all about launching! Learn my proven launch strategy from start to finish and create a launch plan for your own business.
Week 6
Content Marketing Masterclass

In week 6 we’ll focus on creating and marketing your content in a way that appeals to your ideal client, so it can do the work for you. We'll discuss content strategy, content pillars, and how to create content that attracts and converts dream clients.
Week 7
Lead Generation and Attracting Dream Clients
BONUS: Email Marketing Masterclass with @real.sara.berry

Week seven’s module is all about getting clients! You’ll learn how to increase visibility and get your dream client to notice you through smart lead generation and engagement strategies.
Week 8
Mindset Masterclass with Guest Expert Rosie: Limiting Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome, Self-Doubt, & Comparison

We’ll return to mindset in week eight. Rosie will talk to you about navigating feelings of self-doubt as well as any limiting beliefs you may have collected throughout the years. More details TBD.
Week 9
Instagram Sales Masterclass

In week nine, you'll learn how to step into your sales mindset, confidently show up as an authority on Instagram, and land clients through DMs and Instagram stories.
Week 10
Copywriting Masterclass with Guest Expert Bel: Crafting Copy That Converts

In week 10 guest expert Bel will teach you the basics behind writing strong, personality-packed copy that turns your IG & website lurkers into paying customers.
Week 11
Sales Call Masterclass

In week 11, you'll learn my proven system for confidently converting sales calls every time.
Week 12
Systems & Scaling

In our final week, we'll talk about having the right systems and processes in place for your business, ensuring an elevated customer experience, and the next steps for scaling your business after becoming fully booked.

this could be you...

Frequently Asked Questions

Round 4 of CCA starts on the 16th of August 2021

I will schedule the calls once I know everybody’s time zones and am able to get a sense of your availability. I will do my best to make sure the call times work for everyone, but in the event that you have to miss a live call, they will all be recorded and you’ll be able to catch it after.

You have a choice to pay via PayPal, Stripe, or bank transfer. I have flexible payment plans. I am also open to discussing other options if the ones displayed above do not suit you.

Absolutely! You are welcome to apply from any country! Prices are displayed in GBP — please contact me for USD prices.

You’ll have access to Claudia via the group WhatsApp and the Facebook group! I’ll always get back to you as quickly as possible between Monday – Thursday. You also get a group coaching call bi-weekly where you’ll get hot seat coaching. 

I want to keep the group intimate and provide a super high level of support, so the maximum number in the group will be 20 and for the hot seat coaching you’ll be split into 2 groups.

What’s holding you back from making an investment that could change your whole life?

You feel like you need to make money before you can invest in your business

You deserve to have access to the support and resources you need. Don’t get stuck in the cycle — imagine how you’ll feel in three months if you’re in exactly the same place as before.

you worry no one will hire you because you aren't 'experienced enough'

EVERYONE starts where you are now. When I first started my business, it took me 6 weeks to book my first client, but I kept going and here I am. So many people make their online business work — why not you?

you're scared to invest in yourself and not get a return on investment

Like anything, you get in what you put out. If you trust yourself enough to spend time and money on your business, you’ll see that pay off.

Now...what are you waiting for?


This is YOUR time to feel like a kick-ass CEO, book out your business with dream clients, and become UNSTOPPABLE!

You DO have what it takes. With the right support, tools, and knowledge, there’s absolutely NO reason you can’t build a business you love, with the freedom and flexibility you need to have your dream life.

I’ve been where you are, and I know how scary it can be to make an investment like this. But I want you to have the trust and belief in yourself that you CAN & WILL make this work.

All you need is a mentor who has been in your shoes and a supportive group of ladies who are on exactly the same journey to guide you, support you and cheer you on every step of the way.

How would you feel if one year from now, you were in exactly the same position? Would you wish you had invested when you had the chance?

I think you know the answer. And if it’s yes, you know that now is the time to change your business and life.