I'm Claudia


While I liked teaching, I missed using my natural talents in marketing and communication. I thrive on bringing organisation, strategy and energy to any work I do and feel incredibly grateful that I fell into this niche!

Evolving and finding success in the online world through trial and error has been the most rewarding experience I’ve undertaken. I’ve been able to learn so much about myself as well as figure out where my strengths and passions lie. I love working with women who are ready to KICK ASS and step into their own STRENGTH. This work gives me LIFE and I am extremely honoured to share this journey with so many amazing ladies around the world.

Let's get to know each other!

I’m so excited to officially introduce myself so we can get to know each other better!

My story -

Born in Portsmouth, England, I spent a good part of my childhood moving around. I even lived in Spain for 8 years where I was able to learn Spanish and get a feel for a whole new culture! I went to University in Manchester where I studied Marketing and I worked in a corporate bank. My role was to coach and mentor others so they were able to excel in their roles.

After living in Manchester for 2 years, I began to travel and quickly learned that I loved the freedom and flexibility the lifestyle provided. As a girl who doesn’t sit around waiting for things to happen, I strapped on a backpack and decided to explore the world. I’ve travelled to many incredible places and have been lucky enough to live in a few countries, including Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia where I taught English.


I love working with women who are ready to kick ass and step into their own strength


Whilst living in Vietnam, I began to explore ways I could use my talents remotely so I could find the freedom and flexibility I’ve always craved in my life. That is when I decided to become a VA! From there, I realised how natural social media and Marketing strategy was for me. Not only was I able to run social media accounts for others that found great success, but soon enough, women were asking for MY advice and leadership. When I started this journey, my confidence was rock bottom. I learnt the mindset techniques and tools that helped elevate my confidence and take my marketing efforts to the next level! 

My Vision

My vision is to build a business that truly uses the knowledge and experience I’ve gained so that other women can find the success they deserve. My marketing strategies are meant to show you how you can build a THRIVING business without exhausting yourself. I want you to see how EASY it can truly be to create the IMPACT you have always dreamed of within a matter of months, not years (cause ain’t NOBODY got time for that!). I’ll help you master your mindset, feel empowered to show up like the CEO you always dreamt of being and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

My mission

I live by the principles of transparency and integrity and because of this, I see my clients more as business partners than anything else. I want us to work as a team to help you create a business that feels natural and empowering. My goal is to tune into what makes you unique and what marketing strategies are going to unleash the DYNAMIC YOU! Together we will create a plan of action that will ultimately take your business to new heights. Your success is my success, girl!

From broke backpacker to

booked out business owner

Girl, I know a thing or two...

business and mindset coaching

Over my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve truly narrowed down my services in order to provide optimal results to my clients. This is why focusing solely on building your confidence and nailing your marketing strategy is so vital to my success and the success of the women I help. My 1:1 coaching and group coaching program are meant to provide other female business owners with the tools they need in order to find abundance and conquer the entrepreneurial world in their own way! 

Not only do I give immense amounts of creative strategies to use on Instagram and other Marketing channels, but I also help women with the mindset hardships that often come with owning your own business. My goal is to always find a balance between the two so you can THRIVE and GROW.

How is working with me different?

I truly believe in the power of being confident and using authentic marketing and sales strategies in your business. I do not take the task of mentoring you lightly, since I know what how powerful it can be and how it can change the course of your business. My methods are unique because I strive to provide an approach that centres on mindset as well as strategy. 

Success in the online world is so much bigger than simply setting up a profile and posting daily. It expands into figuring out who your ideal audience is, what they need and what you can provide for them. We will work side-by-side to create an approach that works for your business, focusing on tips, tricks and hacks as well as the confidence and self-love you need to attract DREAM CLIENTS.